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the kindest, most talented, gifted, considerate, unimaginably wonderful, and best door I could ever ask for

Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess named Shari.

Shari was the most beautiful and kind princess in all the land and everybody loved her. She was able to see when others were having a tough time and offered her words of wisdom to them. When dark clouds loomed over her friends, she would be able to wash them all away with the simplest wish of sunshine. There was absolutely nothing in the world that Shari's happiness and cheer could not overcome, and she was admired and adored by everyone around her.

Princess Shari doesn't deserve bad times so I'm not going to talk about bad times, because Princess Shari should live in an eternal state of Happily Ever After.

And it's very hard to say The End, because I could never wish for the end of anything with Shari- because I always want to hear more, learn more, and just talk to her more. Because Shari is amazing and the world needs Shari like the world needs water- why do I say this?

It's because I personally couldn't go on without Sharidoor and I assume it's the same thing for everyone else. Isn't it?

It's been about a year since I've gotten to meet her, and I'm still in awe of how absolutely amazing Shari is. Each and every single conversation we have is sprinkled with something new- new advice, new conversational points, new smilies, new memories of laughter and love. That's just how it works, I think. To me, Shari is someone that you go to in hard times. Because you know that she's a saint and because she's a saint, she'll open her heart to you and you'll never be turned away- because it's that kind of overwhelming kindness that pulls people in. Then you find that once you're in, you never want to be out.

I'm... losing sight of organization here and I'm not sure if I ever had any in the first place. So instead I'll just say everything here- everything that I feel towards Sharidoor and couldn't bring myself to put into the honesty meme.

Today is the anniversary of the day I got to meet the lovely person named Shari. I remember it fairly well actually- just a night in Vatchat with all its kind memories of rocket chairs and abuse and puns and generally hilarious times. We never met before this night a year ago, never crossed paths or anything of the sort. Yet within the hours that I got to speak with you, laugh with you, sing for you- I already knew that I'd found myself a friend that would last a lifetime.

The days after that were lovely and amazing. I had encountered another person who I could giggle with and smile with and generally just... adore without concern of being strange or weird. All I knew was that you were kind, gentle, and hilarious. You were bright, witty, and funny. You were someone I could aspire to be like and hope to impress. So naturally I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you, right?

I remember the first time that something went wrong in your life and I remember panicking because I didn't know what happened. I remember the days of not seeing Shari and going "where is Shari where is Shari I haven't seen Shari maybe I should do something for Shari because I miss her and want her to come back"- and then it kind of went from there, didn't it? I kind of want you to know that no matter what, I still get that feeling.

Maybe it's been a couple days since we've talked and maybe sometimes now weeks pass by without us talking about anything at length but... it's not like I've forgotten or feel any less. How could that be even remotely possible? I can say for sure that there is no one I talk about more or brag about more than Shari.

I've... said this to you, haven't I? I've told my friends about how incredibly talented and sweet you are and how much I love you. I've discussed with my mother about how kind you are to me and made her listen to all the recordings of your beautiful piano playing. There aren't enough people that I can introduce to the wonder of Shari because I feel like everyone should get to know you and love you- like I have! I guess that's why I kind of... insist you talk to all my friends too. I'm so proud of having gotten to know Shari and gotten close to Shari like I have that I want to spread the joy and take pride in knowing such a beautiful person.

So... even if time goes by, I think of Shari often. Sometimes when I do something without thinking, even that is related to Shari. Putting in Tangled to watch every night is probably a bit of your doing, along with insisting that I buy it the day it comes out. Even my personal bias of How to Train Your Dragon vs. Toy Story 3 is your fault- yes, I remember how you felt about that during That One Awards Show. I insist my little sister gets Disney Princess band-aids so in case I ever get hurt, I kind of want to grab them too! Just because I remember that my darling Shari was going to send me a pack before I insisted against it.

I have a year's worth of trivia and a year's worth of memories and a year's worth of stories I could tell all about Shari- because Shari is important to me and I feel like I don't make that clear enough.

And even if it's been a year, I feel like it's been way longer than that.

So I just wanted to say... I hope you have the Happiest Birthday, Shari. Because it's what you deserve. When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change. It's because you're amazing, Just the Way You Are. I love you so much it's not even funny and I'm going to stop before I start crying in the library, okay?

Yes. Okay. I love you. ♥

So this is a little anti-climactic but I officially owe you One (1) Birthday Party. This isn't up for argument, sweetheart. I'll raise the money to throw you one when we eventually meet in person, okay? We can go to Color Me Mine or something asdlf;kjf OKAY THIS IS A LAME ENDING I LOVE YOU SOB CRYING HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARIDOOR

i'll try to send your gift tonight check your phone when you wake up or something okay asdfl;kj
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