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the most beautible, sweetest, cutest, wittiest, most hilarious and adorable, moest, samurai teddy bear ever

Gosh that header up there makes all sorts of sense don't even question it. I know I'm right. About everything!

Mostly because Jae is so very many things that I'm not sure how any average phrase could explain her. Jae has been my companion for years on end now, someone I've run into in multiple games because our tastes always line up- but it seems that our schedules rarely do. Up until now, at any rate. But in the years that we've known each other, I'm still so grateful for every single encounter and there are no words to explain how much Jae means to me- but I thought I would go ahead and try anyway, you know?

From the day we met, I hope you know that I admired you. I always thought "Wow, she's so super cool and amazing and eeeeeee" and I was this bumbling little pile of mush. We met before I entered high school so I wasn't nearly as loud or boisterous back then, so my admiration was mostly quiet. It made me so incredibly happy when you agreed to friend me on LJ or didn't mind it when I poked you on AIM and you were - and remain to be - one of my favorite people ever. I was - and am - certain that you have everything figured out and Jae really does seem to have an answer for everything.

Which makes me glad, because Jae is always so kind. Only just recently have I more or less headlocked you into talking to the other people that I know and it warms my heart to see how well you mesh with them. Jae meshes well with a lot of people, actually, and I think she's super amazing wonderful that way. It's no surprise in the slightest though, because it's not any wonder why people would flock to someone who is amazing and beautiful and horrible in the best way possible- you know. Beautible and all that. ♥ Jae is warm and fuzzy and kind and beautiful and she makes me so incredibly happy that there are not enough adjectives in the English language (or the Engrish or the Spangrish ones) that could describe everything she is.

Jae is the one who put up with me at around midnight when everyone else had gone to sleep and I was freaking out over AP testing. Jae was the one who answered my random plurk and dealt with me when I dumped all my RL things on her. Jae is the one who is always there every time I hop back into Plurk and need a hug or a kind word. Jae is the one who makes me smile without even trying. Jae is the one who's going to change the world without even trying.

Persuasive and considerate in all things, I have no doubt when I believe that you have the brightest future ahead of you. Going off to college soon, right? Gosh, I'm going to cheer you on every step of the way and if you ever need anything at all, just say the word. I love talking to Jae and I hope she never forgets that. I'll give her space when she wants it and hugs when she wants it, sometimes even when she doesn't want it because Jae hugs make me happy, too. I hope she doesn't mind if I'm a little bit selfish that way, haha.

So I've known you for the longest time now - so long that it blows my mind a little - and I hope to continue to be here because it's a priveledge to have a front-row seat and direct connection to someone who's going to impact the world with their friendliness and pure amounts of awesome. I've missed so many birthdays now that I hope you don't think that this'll be the end of my gift giving, silly goose. Known you maybe... 3 or 4 years now? 3 or 4 presents coming your way then.

For now, I'll have to leave you the link to this and hope that maybe, just maybe, it'll suit your tastes. If you want it then you can find the code right on over here.

I hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday, sweetie, and I shall see you tomorrow~
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