without a doubt ☼ Dana (sweetheartened) wrote,
without a doubt ☼ Dana

135: everybody just have a good time


It's been a while since I've done one of these, hasn't it? But that's okay, because that just means I've made more friends in that time and thus I can spam it to a larger amount of people! Hello everyone and if this is your first time here, Welcome to Dana's Sappy Post Corner. Because I think everyone needs a little sappiness in their lives now and then, don't you?

I just want you to know - yes, you - that I love you more than anything else in this world. Because you, darling, are my friend. You're my friend who supports me and I know we've had to chatted at least once if you've seen this. Perhaps we aren't that close, but that's- well, it's certainly not okay because I would love to talk to you more! But I want you to take this moment to think of the people you are close with. The people who you consider your bestest pals because they make you laugh and they make you smile-

And I want you to remember that you make them laugh and smile, too. You're a beautiful person, no matter what you might think. If there's someone close to you or important to you, then I know you're close and important to someone else, too. If absolutely nothing else, I'm thinking of you right now and I want you to know how important you are to me, okay?

You've graced my life and touched it kindly and gently. You've made me happy to be alive because that was one instant where I had someone's attention and someone talked to me. You've made a derpy girl happy somewhere! It's a small accomplishment, isn't it?

I know you accomplish these things all the time, though. So maybe you may not realize it to be true~ You make people happy with your presence and you brighten the world with your smile- which is why I really wish you would do it more often! You have so much to offer the world - everyone does - and I hope you never forget and never give up. I'll cheer you along every step of the way!

So when life is all "oh no you don't how dare you be happy" and starts flinging things at you, I know you'll overcome. I know you'll be able to be like "well shut up life because we only get of you to live and I'm going to enjoy it okay okay". Or something! Probably a lot more eloquent or maybe less- it doesn't matter because it's your own personal style and that's what I love about you.

Therefore~ On this Sunday, this holiday of sorts, I hope you do manage to smile. I hope you do manage to crack a grin or manage a slight curve of your lips or something close! Because your smile would make the world that much better. It would make me happy to think that you're having a better life and that makes my own life that much better.

With that way of thinking, I hope we manage to start a chain reaction because wouldn't that be night? A whole line of good moods to top off this Sunday.

Sometimes all it takes is a little phrase to start off a good mood! Something like...


Did it work?
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