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my dearest, most amazing, kindest, most considerate, and irreplaceable tag-team partner

❶ : ... haha, I left most of the header untouched. Everything I said before? It remains to be the absolute truth. It's been a year.

Isn't that a strange thought, dearest? It's been a year. We've officially known each other for... I can guesstimate it at around fifteen months. We've been tag-team partners for the past fifteen months. And in general, dearest? I've been so much happier these last fifteen months.

We talk everyday. And we talk about us everyday. We're a little self-centered, don't you think? Well, maybe that's not right to say. Maybe I'm a little self-centered. Because I love this reminder. I love this reminder that I've been in the company of one of the most amazing people in existence for the longest time. And that maybe, this ridiculously amazing, wonderful, and beautiful person considers me just as dear. I love talking to you, in case that wasn't clear by the fact that I text you in the middle of the class, passing between classes, and everyday you're the one person I'm guaranteed to say goodnight to. My life has become so much more....

... I was looking for an adjective, but I realized that leaving it there is just fine.

My life has become so much more.

There's only a bit of second-hand embarrassment thinking that there are probably other people reading this, but it's nothing that I don't say on a regular basis. Because I love my dearest like nothing else in this world, because you're absolutely irreplaceable to me. You're my tag-team partner, you're the Break to my Sharon, the Minato to my Minako, the Kaoru to my Hikaru, the Izaya to my Namie, the Alice? to my Jeanne, the Matthew to my Saya, the Pent to my Louise, the Sain to my Kent, the Spain to my Ada, and you're the sunshine to my optimism.

My day isn't complete if I don't talk to you- I've tried before! Not counting the time you were in Italy (see, I got the right country this time). I've got a little story for you, dearest. And I hope you get the meaning behind it!

Once upon a time, there was a lost little Dana. This Dana had a lot of friends, nooooo doubt. But she was being silly. Very, very silly. So the next day, she didn't text anyone back. She didn't text back her favorite door who greeted her in the morning, and she restrained herself from sending the usual text to her dearest at 8 AM. Dana did her very, very best to restrain herself through the whole day because she was worried that she was a burden on these people so dear to her. Because these people were wonderful, and why, her dearest put up with her every single day. She thought that texting her anymore would just be more and more of a bother.

But then this Dana got a text in the middle of the fifth period. Something along the lines of "It feels weird not texting you." And it came from her dearest. Then she was so happy she wibbled a little.

Pathetic, isn't it? How much I depend on you- well.... No. Not depend. That's silly. We're separate people, aren't we? Let's not follow our CR that closely.

But you enhance my living experience, dearest. Hearing from you brightens my day, texting you never fails to bring a smile to my face (if I could only tell you how many times my friends ask me what I'm laughing at on my phone), and knowing you has to be the biggest honor I've ever received. You're so dear to my heart, I don't even know how to explain it. Maybe once upon a time, I could've said this without any issues. Maybe once upon a time, I could've found the words. But once upon a time didn't have fifteen months of interaction all thrown in together.

I've been singing your praises for the last fifteen months and you cannot even begin to know how willing I am to continue this for... ever? Is that a fair estimate? Hahaha. Oh dearest. I dunno if you're gonna shake your head at me or tell me that I'm being silly, thinking that knowing you is an honor- but it is. It really, really is. Let me explain! And you're going to let me explain. Because it is your birthday. And on your birthday, I am allowed to dote on you.

My dearest is not only my dearest. My dearest is so dear to everyone that I can't even begin to explain. You're Squee's moirail, you're Char's moirail, you're Shari's big sis, you're Dees' co-mod, and you're so incredibly dear to everyone. I know this to be so true. There's kindness in every action you take and it's... downright unrivaled. You're so adept at reaching out to people and making them feel wanted, making them feel good about themselves, and giving the comfort that everyone needs in the darkest of times. You're the best at that, dearest. Though I admit I'd be the first one to say that my dearest is the best at everything.

You work so incredibly hard at everything you do. Your grades are perfection (don't argue with me), your social circle appreciates and loves you, your personality is incredibly well-rounded, and you're one of the most devoted people I have ever met. It's not wonder that you reap those benefits and dearest, you deserve them all. You deserve the world and more, and I know that, talented as you are, you're going to get it. Even if it may seem tough at times, I know that you can make it through anything and everything. I worry and fret at you, but only to really return the favor. Because worry is what we do, right? Even if it's unnecessary, we can still have faith and worry at the same time. So know that I'll always be here for you, dearest, to support you with anything that you may ever need. I've got your back in all things, tag-team partner.

... it's so funny. Here I am, sitting at 10:09 PM PST, thinking of what I can say to you that I haven't already mentioned before...? It's the most unromantic thing ever, but. It's ridiculous how much we've said. It's at the point that everything is being said twice.

On that note, you do deserve to hear everything twice, dearest. The praises, at least. Because I promise you that they will never stop being true. I can estimate that by the time I make the third post of this sort, I still won't have a single thing to change on the header. You know, unless the LoTT morphs into some horrible, horrible thing and we trade 'dearest' for a new nickname that no one will ever understand. I wouldn't put it against us. All things considered. Have I ever told you leap year?

See? Like that.

... hah. Alright, alright. I'm going to stop this pathetic rambling for now. And I'm just going to give you the first part of your present. The first part because, just as the same as last year, my time management skills are horrible. So that means you're getting more stuff later in the week. But I managed to prepare the bulk of it today.

What does that say, do you think? That I started so early in the week and have been anticipating this day for the past two weeks or so, and I still haven't been able to finish your present bundle to completion?

I think it means you've got the most fickle tag-team partner in the world, dearest.

So let's carry on.

❷ : It's not quite our anniversary, nor is it Valentine's Day, but I'm sure we still retained the same sentimentality levels.

❸ : Title: Flickers
Series: ... pffahaha, every canon. Vatheon, Somarium, Original, and AU.
Characters: Remember how I was playing with initials, dearest?
Summary: Every birthday was just a single instance. Just a flicker in the long burning of life. But these flickers could often count for the most.
Dedication: Well, I wonder, dearest. DIK?

~ ♔ ~
~ A & J ~
flickers of memory

Her steps were light as she hurried down the staircase of polished marble. She stepped fleetingly, her bare feet not wanting to be long in contact with the cold floor that came with the late hour - just a few minutes before midnight, if she had timed this accordingly.

'I'm nearly late,' she thought, 'late for a very important date.'

No longer a young girl of hardly twelve, the nightie that adorned her womanly figure hung nearly as long as the silvery locks of her hair. Wrapped up around her like a blanket, it swayed with her as she ushered into the kitchen and flipped on the light switch.

At the quick pace in which she moved, it was indeed a race against time.

By the first chime of midnight, a cupcake had been set upon the counter.

By the third chime of midnight, she ran - or ran as much as a lady could bring herself to - to procure a book.

By the tenth chime of midnight, the book was flipped to the page in which there was an illustration of a young girl standing with a deer in a large, befuddling forest.

By the time silence settled in, a sigh of relief was breathed.

Just as every year before, during this rare time when her memory would cooperate, she would hold the open book close to her chest and whisper quietly.

"Happy birthday-"

And she would think that from the day she met him to the day that he disappeared, she would only call him by his name. A name was such a powerful thing, no doubt, but there was always another name she wished she had the courage to call him.

Jeanne - not the Iron Maiden Jeanne, for to them she was only Jeanne - shut her eyes to preserve the memory of a happy family in an underwater city.

"Happy birthday, big brother."

Even if they were far away, it still counted... did it not?

~ ☼ ~
~ S & A ~
flickers of sunshine

"Oh no! I'm so sorry, Spain!" cried the poor blonde as she gazed out the window, hands clasped and eyes wide.

He peeked out over her shoulder curiously and the sight that greeted him was none other than-

Rain. Ah.

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck and tried to console the disheartened girl, "Ah, there there, Ada! It's not your fault! We can just go out for a picnic another time, you know?"

But the look she gave him was one capable of breaking hearts.

Didn't take a genius to figure out that Ada had been very excited for this day. What made this day so important? Well-

"But it's your birthday! And I so desperately wanted to do something special for it," she cast her gaze downward, wringing her hands nervously.

It was when he personified country laughed that she jolted to attention, completely confused as to what on earth he could be laughing at.

"We already have, though! You came to visit me after all. We don't get this time a lot. I'm okay with saving the picnic for another day, though," he explained with a smile, "since that means it'll be another guaranteed day in the future that we'll see each oth--"

"Oh, hold that thought, Spain!" she interrupted. Well... that was rare. He paused because all the same, there was such light in her voice that it was a wonder what could have swayed her so when he was only in the middle of his pep talk.

Another glance out the window told him that the sun had come out? A curious hand opened it up and removed the barrier between them and the outside, and the same curious hand felt around outside, only to be sprinkled with water.

"A sunshower! Isn't it lovely? Oh, you're amazing, Spain. I'm sure your positive thinking brought us this gift. What a bit of optimism can do! Happy birthday...!"

He blinked in surprise before grinning, "Thanks Ada. For... everything!"

He would be the first to deny that he was the one to bring out the sun.

But he could never even think that this moment was anything but a gift.

~ ☆ ~
~ Y & D ~
flickers of wishes

Yukari swore that if he blew that party horn one more time, she would stuff it down his throat.

In fact, she was halfway to turning around to do so when she noticed that he was lagging behind, standing entranced at a window of a bakery. Of course, the horn was caught between his teeth as he pressed both hands against the glass.

What a kid.

"You're dirtying the glass, you know," she tilted her head as she followed after him.

"Buh Yuhari--" he started before getting the bright idea to take the horn out of his mouth. "But Yukari, don't these look great?"

A glance over them told her that yes, these pastries looked absolutely delicious. Arching an eyebrow, she posed a question, "Are you rubbing it in that I couldn't get one this year?"

Without missing a beat, he glanced over at her- well not directly, no, he didn't have the courage for that. He met her eyes in the reflection of the glass and smiled, "No, I'm making a promise that next year, I'll get you one and we'll eat it together."

She took a moment to stare at him. A simple accusation:


A laugh and then there was a chime from his pocket. Pulling out the Dreamberry, he blinked and seemed panicked for a moment. And as per usual with Dong-hwi, he did not make sense when panicked.

"C'mon Yukari, make a wish!"

"... what?"

"C'mon, time's going faster when you need something. Just do it!"

A wish? How could she make a wish on the spot like this? What could there be to wish for? Friends? Home? Minato? Safety? Protection? Their goal to be accomplished? For that horn of his to disappear?

"So what'd you wish for, Yukari?" he persisted a bit later, after she had successfully come up with 0 wishes.

"You first," she stalled.

A sheepish grin. Ah, he was always so open.

"I wished that you have the happiest birthday," he replied without so much as a hint of shame, his smile only growing wider.

If she was touched, she didn't show it at all. A glance at her watch told her that it was 11:12 PM. She let out an amused laugh, "A little late in the day, don't you think?"

"Well then, you should have the best last 48 minutes ever!" he blew the party horn obnoxiously and smiled, "Do you think my wish'll come true?"

Despite herself, she smiled back, "I'll tell you in 48 minutes."

Seemingly satisfied, he grinned and they resumed their trek back to Hotel Dusk. "Happy Birthday, Yukari. It'll be even better next year."

There was just a laugh in response.

"We'll say that's my wish, then."

~ ☪ ~
~ M & P : A U ~
flickers of reality

Sitting in the home ec room, Priscilla thought it funny how much this meant to her. Her hands were kept busy with the neurotic smoothing of her hopelessly pleated skirt. Only the other empty stools and her thoughts kept her company.

The sliding of the door preceded his entrance and her head snapped to attention then. Oh, how bedraggled he looked. A sigh escaped his lips and he ran a hand through his hair, an apology already halfway to her, "Student council ran late. Sorry Priscilla, I--"

He met her gaze then and trailed off as she brought a lone finger to her lips, rather effectively silencing him. A giggle escaped her and she smiled, "You don't have to apologize, Minato. Please, don't think of this as another obligation for you." After receiving a nod from him, she continued, "However, if you're really sorry and want to make it up to me in that gentlemanly way of yours, I could think of something."

Minato only returned her smile as he crossed the room, remaining on the other side of the counter, "What would that be?"

"I left something in the fridge at that end of the room," she explained, "would you mind?"

Unsurprisingly he did not and turned to retrieve whatever it was. Meanwhile, Priscilla wrung her hands nervously. Would it be appropriate to say what else she had in mind? Was it silly? Was it selfish? Would it make him happy...?

"And if it wouldn't be too much trouble," she took a chance, "if you could... not mention any of your other responsibilities for now? I'll keep an eye on the clock for you, I promise, but..."

He paused with his hand on the handle of the refrigerator, head tilted to her. She was never very good at deciphering his emotions, but if she had to take a guess, he seemed to be waiting for her to finish.

Slightly bowing her head, she hoped that the falling red of her hair would obscure the red of her face a bit. She inhaled and exhaled. Oh, how bad she was at talking about her own feelings, too...

"But if for just a moment, I could think that it is just you and I...." she bit her lip and then hid her face in her hands, "Oh, what am I saying? Please, don't mind it, Minato."

Hiding out of mortification as she was, she missed the smile that played on his lips then. Hah.

There was the sound of a door being opened and she again wondered what his reaction would be like. Would he laugh? Be amused? Disturbed? Oh, she couldn't even imagine--

A soft thud and she splayed her fingertips slightly, just enough to see the object of her affection holding the object of her embarrassment: a modest little cake with white frosting and written in blue icing-

"Happy birthday, Minato," she spoke shyly and brought her hands down, placing them in her lap. This was the stillest they had been since she asked him to meet her afterschool during lunch... and this was also the calmest she had been for the whole conversation, too.

He awarded her efforts with a smile, "Thank you, Priscilla." Some rummaging and he procured disposable two forks, offering one to her, "Just you and I, right?"

Some pink returned to her cheeks, but she happily took the fork and smiled, "Yes, if you don't mind."

Time passed like that. Sitting, chatting in the home ec room, now with Minato and her thoughts for company. Priscilla had to wonder if this was fair. Should she really be having so much fun on his birthday?

Of course, it just couldn't stay that way. Time did so enjoy being fickle.

A glance at the clock told her that the evening was fast approaching. It was then that she put her fork down and gave him a smile. The same smile she gave when she caught him sleeping in class after what she could only assume was a very tiring night- sad to interrupt, but she couldn't help but deem it necessary.

"It's about time to retire, really," she sighed and rose, collecting their utensils. The only hint that there was ever a cake on the plate was a few stray crumbs and another Happy Birthday she had etched into it with her fork.

"Then let's do this another time," he offered.

A bit of a laugh escaped her, "Yes well, that is the curious thing about birthdays. They're rather guaranteed."

A thud. There. The only hint that they were ever there could be found in the trash disposal.

His smile caught her off-guard, "Not so much the birthday as... just you and I again." A pause that left her in a befuddled and blushing state until he continued, "If that isn't too forward."

Of course he would be considering her upbringing. A smile graced her lips, "It matters not for whether it is or isn't, for I would very much like that either way."

His expression softened, "Good. Wouldn't it be nice to have a day as nice as my birthday every day?"

Surprised, she blushed a bit more before nodding, "I'll do my best to keep you so happy then, Minato."

~ ♫ ~
~ K & H ~
flickers of togetherness

It was a beautiful day.

It was a beautiful day because it was the birthday of the Hitachiin twins.

It was a beautiful and chaotic day full of celebration, elephants, tigers, lions, bears, oh my, candy, soda, pranks, fun, festivities, fashion, umbrellas, and destruction because it was the birthday of the super amazing and chaotic Hitachiin twins.

The party was over and they returned to their mutual room. Kaoru peeled the eye patch off his face and removed the plastic parrot from his shoulder, whereas Hikaru set down the pair of bejeweled maracas but thought it fine to keep the sombrero on his head. They both agreed that the candy corn knee socks would remain even as they went to bed. Always fun to make Mom worry if their fashion sense was taking a turn for the worst.

"Best party of the year?" Hikaru grinned as he fell back on their King-sized bed.

"Better party next year?" Kaoru asked at the same time, partaking in the same action.

"You know it!" they answered in unison, their identical laughter filling the room.

Both crawling under the comforter, they prattled on and on about the fun they had. Their world was broader now, after all. There was more to share, more to know, more to see-

"Let's always do this," they said to each other at the same time.

More for the both of them.

"Happy birthday, Hikaru."

"Happy birthday, Kaoru."

"Happy birthday, us."

Always more for us.

~ ❖ ~
~ M & S ~
flickers of consciousness

Those days, it was never rare for Saya to be the one to wake Matthew.

However, it was very rare indeed for her to do it on purpose, and it was downright unheard of for her to bounce onto his bed with enough flourish to both startle and amuse him.

But they always had the most unpredictable interactions.

The poor, sleepy spy sat up and cocked his head to the side. While he was ready to spring at the first sign of danger, it became increasingly clear to him that there was no threat at all.

Nope. No threat. Just an eager sweeper in his bed at- ah. Midnight. Of course. That explained it.

"What holiday is it now, Saya?" he yawned, running a hand through his mussed hair. He knew her well enough at that point to take educated guesses at her actions.

Still, he didn't quite see it coming when she laughed loudly- and that's when he thought that it was a good thing he lived alone (or as alone as he could get, considering their relationship) - and proceeded to envelop him in what could really only be accurately described as a tacklehug.

Sleepiness adding to instability, he didn't bother to fight the momentum that took them both down to the bed. With his back finding purchase on the mattress and her atop him, he wondered for a moment what kind of insane holiday this was and why they didn't celebrate it last year.

Or maybe she was just in a really good mood. But why?

The answer left her lips- and was muffled lazily into his chest.

"What?" he laughed and arched an eyebrow. Clearly he was not the only sleep-deprived one. So much for those random bursts of energy that hit every time a holiday came up.

She raised her head slightly and blinked at him for a moment before grinning. Ah, he only got that look when he was missing something she deemed to be 'obvious'. Saya did not seem to understand that very few things that she thought were 'obvious', actually weren’t.

There was just an exhale reminiscent of a laugh as she rested her head on him again and sighed, "Happy birthday, Matthew."

He couldn't give her anything in return but a laugh of disbelief at first, running a hand over his face. His amused grin met the ceiling, "Is that all? You went through the trouble of waking the both of us up for that?"

"Don't say that," she grumbled sleepily, "it's important to me..."

"Since when were you the intended celebrant?"

"Good night, Matthew," she attempted to end the conversation. A pause and she relaxed against him some, mumbling again, "Happy Valentine's Day too, I guess. Is that a little more worth it?"

Rolling his eyes, he set his sights on following her to sleep, slumped against him as she was. That was the only reason why he could get away with greeting her back. "Happy Anniversary, Saya."

That was important too, wasn't it?

And maybe it was worth it.

~ ✾ ~
~ B & S ~
flickers of light

It was well past midnight by the time Break deigned to make one more round about the manor before he made some odd attempt at sleep. The silence that clung to the hallways came as no surprise. However there was one unexpected thing to be found. There remained to be a faint glow peering out from the small space between the floor and the door of his Lady Sharon's study. That certainly managed to catch his eye.

He had delivered his reminder for bed so many hours ago. Had she not heeded it?

No knock was delivered in fear of rousing the likely dozing young miss, and his assumption proved exactly right as there came no surprise to find her slumped at her desk.

It seemed that his advice had been taken, considering her night attire and the cotton shawl draped around her shoulders. Yet it would seem that she chose a different place to retire for the night.

Not quite believing that the cold wood of the desk made for the best pillow, he approached to transfer her. Yet he paused as he noticed the journal that rested by her head.

To be very clear, he would never intrude upon his lady's privacy if it were not necessary... or if it did not guarantee to be something very, very interesting.

So the dainty, careful script of Sharon's handwriting greeted him on the otherwise blank page.

How late you are, Xerx-nii~
Happy Birthday.

Again, the glow of the candle caught his eye. It was then that he realized that it was not the typical wax candle held within the silver candleholder that was typical of the Rainsworth household, but instead a far smaller candle impaled upon a cupcake.

He picked up the sweet and glanced down at the form of the sleeping heiress, lost in Wonderland as she was.

Plucking the candle out, he took a bite. Red velvet with vanilla filling.

What a devious little girl.


❹ : I suppose I should be done, shouldn't I? But it doesn't seem right. So here, dearest. I'll write one more for you on the spot. Let's see if I can make it fit. Jan's gone to bed and asking Jae would make it a bit less personal. So forgive me for the lack of proof-reading on this one. Let's try.

~ ❀ ~
~ P & L ~
flickers of love

"My dearest Lord Pent, might you have any idea what time it may be?"

Wasn't this familiar?

The saving of his page, gaze drifting towards his wife, who stood so neatly by the window.

The sun was setting.

"I'm afraid not. Is it of particular importance?" he inquired, head tilting as he wondered what on earth his dear wife could possibly be thinking of.

Her smile was obscured as she turned to face the landscape. A pity.

"No... not particularly, as you have kindly remembered to eat today," there was laughter in her voice as the smile that played upon her lips became teasing.

A brief chuckle as he closed his book.

"Yes, you kindly did not allow me to forget today." A moment to pause and consider. "How interesting it was, though."

"What might you be referring to?" she hummed, still not meeting his gaze. The light was dipping down over the mountains.

What could it have been? What could it have been? His brow furrowed as he thought of it. "Did it seem... emptier today? Why, I hadn't even seen the cooks in the kitchen."

A vague giggle escaped her. How cute her husband could be, she thought.

"What if I were to say that I requested privacy today?" she finally turned and their eyes locked. Even if the sun had dipped down past where they could reach, there remains a playful glint dancing in her violet of her eyes.

"And why would that be, my dear?" he asked. Wasn't this becoming an exchange of nothing but questions?

Turning to face him completely, she was happy to sit at the windowsill, ankles locked as she tilted her head so innocently. "Today is an important day, is it not?"

He arched a brow. "In what way?" Ah yes, more questions.

"Why, the way in which you have much to do," she waved a elegantly gloved hand nonchalantly, looking the perfect picture of leisure.

It had been hours ago since she had joined him in his study, and even though he had offered to go outside and walk with her, to perhaps take the time to read something together, she would have none of it. Instead, she was content to merely stay with him in his study, only disrupting him thrice thus far- twice to eat and once for this current back-and-forth.

"Well... certainly. Tomorrow I must appear to discuss with other houses about what to do with the trouble of the Lycian League..." he mused. Could that be what she was talking about?

Of course, she would refuse to give it away. There was laughter in her eyes and patience in her expression as she nodded, "Oh yes, that does fall under your list of duties, doesn't it?"

Her gaze remained upon him as he rose from his seat at his desk. There was a clearing of his throat as he continued, "Well, of course, my dear. But... certainly you know my priorities?"

"Posing another question, my lord?" she asked and tilted her head. It was after a gloved finger went to her lips as she wore a mock thoughtful expression that she thought to answer, "Assumption is hardly healthy for a marriage. Perhaps if you would grace me with a reminder?"

It seems that she was in quite the roundabout mood that day.

Still, it was that type of playfulness and childishness that he loved so about her. Certainly, Louise kept him young.

A chuckle and he stepped forward, "To limit them a bit, we shall say that I have three priorities."

"We shall say so, if that is what you wish, my love," she obliged.

"My third priority is my country," he was quick to admit.

In case that was not already blindingly obvious from how often they would abandon their posts, happy to go gallavanting off in whatever direction they so pleased.

For if he had Louise, he did not need the swag and the fanciness of nobility.

"My second priority?" he paused and lit the few candles that remained in his personal office. They provided extra light, now that the sun had gone down. "My studies."

After all, he was in constant pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world. All facets of the world. She would also often go with him as well, for even if she did not understand, she would always support.

For if he had Louise, there would always be someone to share the wealth with.

"And your first?" she piped up after remaining considerably quiet for some time.

He took the steps to her, and brushed stray golden locks of her hair behind her ear, leaning down just as she tilted her head up.

"My dear wife," he whispered to her as her eyes fluttered shut. In aims to complete the gesture of affection, he moved to close the space between them.

But ah, so close.

Something halted him. Something that felt distinctly like satin pressed gently at his lips.

He opened his eyes and blinked, wondering why his wife was smiling so adoringly up at him, yet did not allow him to complete this romantic endeavor.

"My lord remains the dearest to my heart and his words are the most flattering," she started as she lowered her hand, but did not make a move to increase the distance between them any.

Her next words floored him.

"Yet I do not feel as though I deserve such praise, for I am quite the selfish wife."

"How could you say that after you have spent the entire day with me? Why Louise, my dear, you have done no more than sit patiently here with me all day. You wouldn't even hear a word of it when I asked if you would like to go to the garden. What could you possess you to say so...?" he asked, befuddled.

"It is that privacy that I have so endeavored to have with you," she responded simply, tilting upwards to place just the quickest of kisses upon his lips. "Happy birthday, my love."

... is that what it was? Hah.

Just as he had wanted, he completed his attempt at a kiss before, and it was not the same as her innocent peck.

When he pulled back, he remained smiling down upon her, "If that was selfishness, my dear. Then we are both incredibly selfish people."

"Or perhaps," she suggested, "we are merely people in love."

❺ : Happy Birthday, dearest. It's 10:55 PST. I think I'll countdown with you now.
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