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132: we could happen

This is Dana's Essay for the Pride & Prejudice Unit of English 2 Honors.


On this earth, there is a balance in all things, whether that be in nature in its most literal sense or the nature found within people and their actions. In fact, the two coincide so often that it may be thought that there is a peculiar connection between the two. Just as molten lava that erupts from a volcano can be stopped in its tracks and cooled by the ocean water it runs into, hot tempers met with calm words are left completely stalled. In Jun Mochizuki’s Pandora Hearts, she details this through the interactions of the seemingly arrogant and distant Mr. Gilbert and the kindly and open Mr. Oz. Through the pair's conversations and actions toward each other, there is clearly a strong sense of balance that helps bring out the utmost truth of Gilbert’s character as well as bringing out the previously hidden shortcoming of Oz’s.

First impressions are a vital part of the book, to the point that it was nearly titled after them. When both Mr. Oz and Mr. Gilbert had been introduced and fleshed out as characters at the very first ball, the appraisals of them were on completely opposite ends of the scale. Mr. Oz was considered a very kind young man, handsome, and someone who was a pleasure to converse with. Contrastingly, Mr. Gilbert was at first perceived as someone who could make for a prospective husband, handsome and wealthy as he was, however the common opinion of him soon soured when the crowd deemed his countenance as one that invited nothing but displeased feelings and disappointment. In a sense, that was a type of balance that made itself clear in their introduction alone. The pedestal upon which Mr. Oz was placed was shaken by the less-than-welcoming personality of his good friend. However their standings would not remain the same for the entire novel, instead making the balance between them clear in the most obvious of ways, only to be tampered with later on.

People are not commonly thought to share all of themselves within a first meeting, and this proves true even in this novel. It was mentioned fleetingly in the first meeting that Mister Gilbert would become more sociable when with someone that he is more familiar with, though he remains otherwise frigid to others. Of course, the ladies of the novel are exactly excited to believe such a statement; however a look into his relationship with Mister Oz proves it to be quite true. The nature of their interactions were once scrutinized and it was unsure why someone of Oz’s pleasant personality would constantly engage himself with Mister Gilbert, who seemed to be quite the unsociable man. Yet there remains another sense of balance in that aspect of their relationship. Whereas Oz is more than happy to think well of everyone and converse with them without concern, Gilbert is far more withdrawn and is able to act as the more level-headed of the two. In general, this is true, however the extent of their bond is made quite clear when a possible threat is posed towards one of them.

The strongest of feelings are tested when one encounters something that could possibly harm someone dear to them, and those who harbor the strongest of bonds wish nothing more than good will upon their friend. In comparison to the initially frigid perception of Gilbert, he is shown to be far more considerate and concerned for Oz, someone who he regards to be very close to him. When Miss Alice begins to get closer to his friend and Gilbert is unable to perceive any true affection for him, he immediately takes action and advises his friend against falling for this woman who may only end up hurting him. While his perception ended up being false, it cannot be denied that Gilbert’s way of analyzing people was able to counteract Oz’s tendency of falling for whoever seemed to return his attentions, where ‘seemed’ remains to be the key word. More and more of Gilbert’s true, well-meaning character was uncovered during his interactions with his dear friend, who continued to show that he did in fact need Gilbert to balance out his own short-comings, despite the fact that he was once perceived as the far more capable of the two. It was as the opinions of others were tossed away that the genuine personalities, strengths, and downfalls of the both of them were revealed.

Whenever two forces collide, they are eventually stabilized and brought into a curious sort of unison, where the resulting object is made all the stronger than either of the previous items. This remains true for the relationship of Oz and Gilbert who were both stable on their own, yet their relationship allows them to look out for one another and makes it crystal clear what their true personalities are exactly like. From Oz’s positive, open, and friendly ways to Gilbert’s negative, distant, and aloof mannerisms, Oz’s careless affection to Gilbert’s gauged concern, and to Oz’s own personal downfall of being too gullible to Gilbert’s strength of analyzing the character of others, there remain to be a countless number of examples that support the idea that the two of them create an extremely balanced relationship. They are able to coexist harmoniously precisely because their personalities are suited for one another, though it may not seem evident at the very beginning, it is very defined by the time their full characters are revealed. And so Oz and Gilbert’s relationship is one that consists of practiced and honed harmony that people in our society can only hope to attain at some point within their lives.


OKAY so this was the prompt

2. What is the significance of the pairings and doublings which Austen gives us (Jane and Elizabeth, Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, Kitty and Lydia, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Darcy and Elizabeth)? FOCUS ON ONE PAIRING. How does Austen develop theme and/or how does she develop these characters through their interactions?

And I picked Darcy & Bingley. Halfway through the essay, I was all "... this sounds like Sharon." And I thought I could have even more fun of it. So I took the intro and replaced the names. Bingley to Oz and Darcy to Gilbert.

After I finished, I replaced the whole thing.

Magic happened.

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