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128: silly love songs

I just had to make note of this because today was amazing.

Today was Class Comp which automatically made it rather brilliant and if you don't know what Class Comp is, refer to this post. If anything, it was even more amazing this time around since it was the Dance Off between all the classes. Hilarious and brilliant and super creative. I loved it. So much. NINJA CROSSDRESSER CHEERLEADERS. VIKINGS-IN-A-BOX (and i swear i saw slenderman). BULLS ON GOLF CARTS. BEE SINGLE LADIES. I'll upload videos at some point and share them another time. I love the talent and the energy, ohmygod.

But well, another thing happened today. Every year, Choir offers to give out Valentine's Grams which involves being serenaded, getting a rose, and then a personalized card from whoever sent it to you.

..... and I swear to God, I have never been more embarrassed in all my life.

I got one and just. It was a joke which is totally fair since I joked about getting him one first, but. Oh Andy. Silly silly Andy. I really didn't expect him to go through with it! It was a whole five dollars and I swear to God that we're not dating. a;sldfjadf. But he's just. oh my goodness, he is the sweetest guy I have ever met. The kind who'll open your door for you, offer you his jacket if it's cold when you walk out of the mall, take you out on the last day of school and be completely willing to completely pay for lunch, and... apparently send you a Valentine's Gram, complete with a corny personalized message and an attempt at being anonymous- but the dork wrote "Romeo". And he told me he would write that.

He even drew on the card, I don't even. asd;fljasdf. It was super cute and it was a heart with an arrow through it. HE'S JUST. THE CUTEST THING EVER. My goodness, I love Andy like you have no idea.

..................... and here is where Cal told me that I'm Saya reincarnated, sob.

It's a platonic love, you know? I just. I adore Andy like you have no clue and I realize that he's totally the most considerate guy that I will ever find ever, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut~ ... it's like he's a puppy. as;dlfajdsf. THIS SOUNDS SO HORRIBLE, but you know how you love and cuddle and adore a puppy? And you never ever want the puppy to be hurt because hurting the puppy would have to be the greatest felony ever committed? Yeah, it's like that. asd;flj. Andy is darling and considerate and amazing and I'm sooooo happy to have met him but no matter how much I got chased down today and told that we should go out- .... fff, no. /facepalm

I'm trying to reason it out myself because I can't figure out why I think this way lolol. WAY TO BE LAME, SELF.

In other words, Dana is lame and spent today trolling everyone as they asked who I got the gram from and was all "NOT TELLING~ ♥" even if it was a totally friendly thing.

and it was the most fun I had in a while ffffff
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