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127: whatcha saaaaaaaaaaay

GRADES ARE- ... almost in.

But I checked them today.

My classes as is look like...
Forensics Workshop (Speech & Debate): A
Chemistry Honors: C, though I'm praying he rounds it to a B. 79.3% for crying out loud! I talked to him and he said "We'll see." ...... ;;
English Honors: B. Honestly don't know why with this one. Never got back any of our grades and that upsets me. :|;;
Japanese 3: A~ Because my Japanese teacher loves me as;dlfj.
Dance: Undetermined because she still hasn't put in some of my grades. :|;; CROSSING MY FINGERS, HOPING FOR AN A. I did a boatload of extra credit to make up for things I couldn't do when my printer was shot. But I was in both shows. D: HOW CAN SHE NOT GIVE ME AN A AFTER ALL THE PRACTICE I'VE GONE THROUGH?
Pre-Calc: B. ... sob. I had an A before Finals. ;; I HATE YOU, FINALS.


... well. It's a 3.4 unweighted and 3.7 weighted, so. /scratches head And it's my first semester with seven classes again, plus a helping of volunteer work on the side so... I hope it's passable. My parents will be moderately unhappy with Math, but it should work out.

My goals for this semester are an A in Debate, a SOLID B in Chem H, an A in English H, a B in WHAP, an A in Japanese, an A in Dance, and an A in Pre-Calc if I can could onto it. That's a 4.1 weighted and 3.8 (-ish) unweighted so... crossing my fingers? I don't doubt I can probably do it if I actually do all the homework in Chem, English, and Pre-Calc now. Which I've been doing, I swear.

My plans were also to go to the library every day to help ensure my studying so I don't get distracted by the temptation that is my DS, PS2, 360, and so on- but Dad shot that down. Sigh. I know what I need for academics but he simply just won't listen. So what I've been doing is just chilling out and not even going near the computer for however long it takes for me to finish my homework. Not... even an hour mostly though, so. HOPEFULLY I DON'T GET TIRED OF THIS.

... please don't let me get tired of this. ;; I need to keep going or else I get cocky and arrogant and all "yeah, my test scores will bring me up" but NOT IN CHEM THEY WON'T. So um. I think I'm aware of my faults and know exactly what I need to not do. As long as I keep myself aware, I should probably be able to do well this semester and be back on the computer regularly again.

AS IS I am actually just on my iPhone most of the time, seeing as I've got wifi at home until 9:30 when it shuts down. Sometimes my dad is just too nice and lets me back on the computer for an hour or two- like right now! I've got an hour and fifty minutes left out of two hours as of riiiiiiiiiiiiiight now.

So yes, this is just a general ranting entry. Thank you sooooooooooooo much to everyone who commented on my last entry and every single last comment was brilliantly helpful and I'm taking all your advice to heart and adsl;kfjadf I'm so glad I have friends I can count on. ;;
Tags: general: love you guys lots, general: plans, general: school, general: self-reflection, other: dana is easily excited, other: this is so pointless, other: why is everyone so wonderful
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